AllergEase Children’s Mixed Berry Lollipops FAQ’s

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How do AllergEase Children’s Lollipops work? AllergEase Children’s Lollipops are made from ingredients that individually have been used for centuries to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies. AllergEase Children’s Lollipop is a combination of four herbal extracts: stinging nettle, eyebright, elderflower, and plantain, plus menthol, organic honey and Vitamin C.  We created the lollipops to… Read more »

All Natural Solutions for Allergies

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Temperatures around the United States are slowly starting to heat up. Old man winter has had his fun but now it’s time for spring! I don’t know about you all but I’ve had enough snow, sleet, ice, and 20 degree weather. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy snow days, hot cocoa, and getting an occasional… Read more »

Healthy Food Alternatives this Holiday Season

spaghetti squash

“What the heck is a tofurky?!” This was the question that arose during a conversation with my cousin a couple of years back, when she told me her vegan-practicing family would be having the dish for Thanksgiving that year. “It’s basically a turkey-flavored tofu roll and it’s amazing!’ she replied with a giddiness that left… Read more »

Baby, It’s Cold (and Flu Season) Outside


“AAAAH-CHOO!” “EEEEEH-eeeeh” “HAAAAGH”. The sneezing. The wheezing. The raw, dry red nose that lights up like Rudolph from the excessive use of tissues. 10 year old me would consistently find it hilarious when my father would start coughing and sneezing 14 times in a row (that was the record last I counted). Now, although still… Read more »