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“It really works and helps us get through the school day with out a runny nose and sneezing”

Lucie and Lacey, Ages 15 and 12

“Allergease makes me feel a lot better, tastes good, and sure beats having allergy shots!”

Max W., Age 11

The AllergEase Lollipop Story

After launching the AllergEase Lozenges, it wasn’t long before our happy customers, especially mothers, began asking if they could give AllergEase Lozenges to their kids. That’s a big part of what led to creation of the AllergEase Lollipops for Children. They have the same all-natural, fast-acting ingredients people love about AllergEase Lozenges, only we added a little berry flavor, which kids love, and a lollipop stick!

There’s no messy spoon or cup to spill. Kids feel like they’re getting a treat, so parents no longer have to struggle with sneezy-runny noses, sore throats, itchy eyes and congestion.

AllergEase Lollipops have no side effects like drowsiness so it won’t slow kids down. We believe it will forever change the way parents think about allergies.

Natural Ingredients

Read all about the natural herbs and ingredients that make AllergEase® Lollipops so effective!

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100% Natural

Side Effect Free

Drug Free

Dairy Free

Spill Free

No Dyes

Mixed Berry

Gluten Free

4 Steps to Manage Your Child’s Allergies

1Don’t confuse allergies with a cold. It may be allergies if your child experiences clear mucous, lack of fever, irregular sneezing, or other symptoms that last longer than two week.

2Investigate you child’s allergy triggers. Keep track of what’s happening when and where symptoms occur so that you can plan how to best control exposure to allergens.

3Be proactive. Avoid outside playtime during peak pollen times: morning, early evening, and during dry-windy days. Keep your grass cut, gutters clear, and your leaves raked to prevent mold growth.

4Take inventory of potential indoor allergens. Stuffed animals and toys can harbor allergens while dust mites thrive in pillows, mattresses, carpeting, and bedding. Animal dander can trigger indoor allergies.

Directions for Use

Have your child take one lollipop in the morning or at the first sign of allergies. Take additional lollipops as needed throughout the day; maximum 4 lollipops per day.

For maximum effectiveness, lollipops should be sucked and dissolved slowly in the mouth rather than chewed. Lollipops can be consumed alongside other medications, and with or without food.

Side Effects:

As far as side effects and risk goes, there is a possibility that one can be allergic to the herbal extracts themselves and/or menthol, though this would be true of any herbal ingredient. The rate of allergy is thought to be low based on the literature we have reviewed. In our research, we have not been able to find documentation of any serious side effects due to our components, with some of these studies using very high levels of the herbal extracts.