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A wild plant native to Europe’s open meadows, eyebright has been used since the 12th Century to provide natural relief for itchy, irritated eyes associated with hay fever.


This organic compound occurs naturally in peppermint and other mint oils, and has been used for centuries to provide soothing relief for itching and burns.


Not to be confused with banana plantains, this plant is a common weed that is indigenous to Eurasia. Europeans settlers brought it to New Zealand, where it was nicknames “English Man’s Foot” because it spread easily wherever the settler’s went.


Ancient Romans used Elderflower for medicinal purposes, boiling the leaves to create a tea for treating coughs, colds and hay fever.


Native to Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, this popular herb has been used since the Middle Ages to manage inflammation and combat allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C

For centuries, sailors suffered from scurvy, a Vitamin C deficiency, until discoveries were made connecting a diet rich in citrus fruits with scurvy prevention. It was not until the 20th Century, however, that affordable, mass production of Vitamin C was able to boost the immune systems of millions.

The Secret Formula Revealed

If you’re like us, you probably try to minimize the amount of chemicals you put in your body to fight seasonal allergies. But, when allergy season came around, the only natural solution we could find were paper tissues. That’s why we created AllergEase, the all natural allergy lozenge. It was created by a medical doctor looking for natural alternatives to help family and friends with their allergies. And now, you too can enjoy all of Mother Nature’s suggestions for battling allergies, in our convenient, all natural honey lemon lozenges. You can use it as an add on to your current allergy medicine or use it as a standalone supplement during allergy season.

As allergy sufferers ourselves, we were almost as sick of the allergy medication as we were of the allergies. So we set out to find a solution.

How did we do it?

Well, I’m glad you asked. It wasn’t a big secret. In fact, our individual ingredients have been known to help allergy sufferers for centuries. They are a collection of medicinal herbs, found all over the world. We just put them all together in one all natural allergy lozenge. We blended four herbal extracts, added a touch of menthol and just the right amount of soothing, organic honey, and topped it all off with a full daily dose of Vitamin C.

It will help give you that extra boost in high irritant environments, so you can get out and actually enjoy nature, rather than hiding from it.

From our family to yours, we invite you to experience the difference that AllergEase can make in your life!

"Our mom keeps a bowl filled with AllergEase on our kitchen counter so we can take it when We need it in the morning. It really works and helps us get through the school day with out a runny nose and sneezing!"

Rating: Lucy and Lacie

Age 12 and 15

100% Natural

Side Effect Free

Drug Free

Dairy Free

Made in the USA

No Dyes

Organic honey

Gluten Free

Directions for Use

Adults and children 12 years and older take lozenges as needed. Do not take more than 12 lozenges daily.

Side Effects:

As far as side effects and risk goes, there is a possibility that one can be allergic to the herbal extracts themselves and/or menthol, though this would be true of any herbal ingredient. The rate of allergy is thought to be low based on the literature we have come across. In our research, we have not been able to find documentation of any serious side effects due to our components, with some of these studies using very high levels of the herbal extracts.

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