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They work!

I have a lot of trouble with \"public\" air, perfume, cigarette smoke, fire places etc. you get the picture. When I take clients to the hospital for treatment we walk past a sign that reads \"if you have a cough or cold please wear a mask...\". I have a lot of trouble not coughing in public so as I enter the hospital zone packed with people of various smells the coughing starts even though I do not have a cold. I often see people giving me the look and I feel terrible but really don\'t want to wear a mask, I will still cough and the mask does not help me make personal contact with a terrified client. They need to see my smile but not hear my cough. This product works better than the gum I used to chew or the name brand cough drops I used to live on. It also seems to keep the sneezing and watery eyes at bay. Please make them more available in my area, they are hard to find.

Forgot to 'rate' with star

Forgot to 'Rate' my review with the Stars - duhhhh! Can I give it 10 stars?? LOL!


I work in an office / building where air-quality is not great - we are always sneezing / coughing (no matter how many times I change the filters). I also suffer from outside allergies year-round. When I received a free sample of AllergEase in the mail I gave them a try (why not - they were free). I was / am amazed! Not only can I go the whole day without sneezing every 5 minutes - I can actually take a walk outside on my break and not be miserable! This is a incredible product and being all natural is WONDERFUL! Thank you! I am sharing these with my co-workers who suffer alongside me. Thanks again!

Better days at school

Our mom keeps a bowl filled with AllergEase on our kitchen counter so we can take it when we need it in the morning. It really works and helps us get through the school day with out a runny nose and sneezing"

Beat allergy shots!

AllergEase lollipops make me feel a lot better, taste good, and sure beat having allergy shots!


I never even considered taking an all natural allergy supplement. It was by chance I had my first one. It tasted really great, so I thought, "well, at least I get a nice candy." I couldn't resist, and had a few more. I was surprised when only minutes later my eyes stopped itching and I felt more alert. I'm hooked now!!

Secret Weapon for Singers!!

I'm a singer and there are lots of things that make my throat dry and tight. The weather, allergies, alcohol, over-use and many more factors. I was singing at a party and my throat seized up, literally couldn't push out a note without pain. I popped one of these and it immediately gave me the moisture I needed to sing for 3 more hours. Knowing it is all natural makes me keep these on hand everywhere I go. Thanks Allergease, you rock my world!!

Fabulous Product

After studying some natural alternatives to antihistimines to relieve my sore throat cough itcy eyes and then coming across this product at Walgreens, I knew the ingredients were known to help with allergies etc. Well was I in for a pleasant surprise, they were delicious natural tasting, and relieved my sore throat and cough. We need more natural cures like this! Thanks for inventing them!!

Keeping pace with Allergease

A fellow runner in my run club, KRAC4Runners, passed his samples on to me. He received them in his goody bag from a Marathon in Raleigh. I ran on the Greenway this past weekend, and they really seemed to help in spite of the caked on pollen on the path, honeysuckle and ragweed in full bloom! They taste good, not overly sweet, and there is no aftertaste. Easy to use without slowing your pace!

Where have these been all my life?!

Seriously, I can't believe it took me so long to find these lozenges. I don't have to think twice about going outside on these beautiful spring days. These things also taste good too! I love me some AllergEase!

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