7 Ways You’re Aggravating Your Allergies

It’s no secret that Spring allergy season is back with a vengeance, ready to ruin your finally-sunny day. But are you accidentally making matters even worse for yourself? The answer could be yes, if you’re doing any of the following:

1. You try to out-drink your misery.

So you think throwing a few more back than usual will distract you from your allergy symptoms? Hey, we’re not judging, but we must tell you that you’re only sabotaging yourself. Studies have found that alcohol can worsen symptoms since beer, wine, and liquor contain histamine, produced by the yeast and bacteria during fermentation.

2. You fall into bed at night after running around all day.

When you flop into bed without showering first, pollen in your hair and on your skin now finds a new resting place on your pillow and sheets. On a similar note, wearing the same shirt/clothes all day and night means you’re bringing pollen into your home and then parading it around your house. If you suffer from severe seasonal allergies, you should be showering and changing clothes frequently.

3. You have house plants that hate you.

Studies show that more than 75 percent of hay fever sufferers are allergic to at least one common houseplant. Ferns, orchids, ficus, and ivy are just a couple common ones that are most irritating to allergy-prone people. If you have house plants, consider moving them out of your bedroom or living room area and somewhere you don’t hang out in as much.

4. You’re constantly cuddling Fido or Mittens.

So you say you have a hypoallergenic dog? Not quite. Regardless of if you’re allergic to animals, your pets bring in plenty of pollen, mold, and dust. We’re not about to tell you to keep your furry BFF at an arm’s length, but do try to ban them from your bed and couch and be sure to brush/bathe them often.

5. You “air out” your home on breezy days.

Even though things can feel stuffy inside, opening a window or door on a breezy day—when pollen is more airborne than usual—is asking for trouble. At the very least, wait until it’s a bit rainy to get some fresh air inside your home.

6. You run in the morning or lunch time.

Dawn is like an alarm clock for trees to release pollen, with pollen levels peaking around lunch time. If you’re a regular runner, try running in early evenings or scheduling your runs on days when the pollen count is lower.

7. You’re not using common sense.

If you know pollen is sticking to everything from your clothes to your pets, you should assume the same thing goes for your shoes…so take them off when you get inside. A breezy day? Don’t hang-dry your wet clothes! Feeling sick and run-down from your symptoms? Don’t lower your immune system even more by overworking yourself or depriving yourself of sleep. House covered in carpet and rugs? Vacuum! The list goes on and on. While most allergy sufferers won’t be able to completely beat their symptoms, you can certainly save yourself a little bit of misery. And when every little bit helps, it can add up!

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