CEO & Co-founder of AllergEase

My name is Zeeshan Kaba and I’m the CEO and co-founder of AllergEase. I think most of my friends would describe me as a determined, high-energy guy who cares about a healthy lifestyle and living life to the fullest — whether it’s a work commitment or a social event, I’m always all in. This isn’t a dating site, so why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because I think you’re like me and don’t want unnecessary things to hold you back from your life.

Things like Seasonal Allergies. Things like the side effects from chemically-reliant remedies for seasonal allergies.

Let’s face it, allergy symptoms are a serious nuisance even for a “mild” sufferer like me. For some of you, the symptoms can be life altering and it seemed like you had to compromise your healthy lifestyles with pharmaceuticals to find relief.

So I got in touch with the medical genius in the family and together we began a search for an all-natural formula that would help fight seasonal allergies. We were on a mission to find a natural solution. We were determined to help people live their lives to the fullest—even when the pollen appeared.

The Result was AllergEase. It’s all natural, convenient, great-tasting, affordable and most importantly effective.

How did we do it? Well, the individual ingredients used in AllergEase have actually been known to help allergy sufferers for centuries. We blended four herbal extracts, added a touch of menthol and just the right amount of soothing, organic honey, and topped it all off with a full daily dose of Vitamin C. The result is an all-natural lozenge that is ready to start working, as soon as you pop it into your mouth.

It’s been awesome to hear from hundreds of happy, satisfied customers and I’m thrilled to say that we are hard at work creating new flavors and formulas for AllergEase. I invite you to experience the difference AllergEase can make in your life!

Our Company

AllergEase is based out of Danville, VA. Our city is one that is rich in history and a city with a bright future. Virginia first recognized Danville as a city in 1792. In 1882, six Danville citizens founded the Riverside Cotton Mills, which in its day was the largest single-unit textile mill in the world! Today Danville is home to an Ikea factory, packaging companies, furniture manufacturers, and AllergEase!

Our office and warehousing facilities are downtown in the River District. We’ve found some amazing people here to help us with sales, marketing, distribution, packaging, and warehousing. If you’re wearing that orange AllergEase shirt, you’re family; we’re a real tight knit group here that truly enjoys working together. If you’re ever in the area swing by our warehouse and/or office to say hi and pick up a free sample of AllergEase!

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