Chicken and Shitaake Mushroom Soup Recipe

A chicken and shitaake mushroom soup recipe is the AllergEase healthy recipe of the week. This soup is yummy, soothing and nutritious. Just the thing for these frigid winter days! You don’t have to cook a whole chicken, but the result is a very rich broth which I think is worth the time. It’s very easy – just plan on cooking the chicken ahead of time (in the morning, the night before) so it’s ready for soup. (If making broth is not your thing, there is an option at the bottom of the page.)

How Nutritious is the Chicken and Shitaake Mushroom Soup Recipe?
Animal studies have shown that shitaakes have compounds with positive anti-tumor, cholesterol-lowering and virus-inhibiting effects! Wow, and they taste great.
It’s full of natural anti-inflammatories and antihistamines (lemon grass, ginger, garlic and cilantro) – all good for your seasonal allergies.
Bok Choy is chock-full of Vitamins A and Vitamin C as well as fiber.
Ingredients for Chicken and Shitaake Mushroom Soup Recipe
1 small whole chicken
fresh ginger root (about the size of a walnut, no need to peel – it will be discarded when broth is strained)
dried or fresh lemon grass (also to be discarded when strained)
2-3 cups bok choy, washing and chopped
8-9 big fresh shitaakes, thinly sliced
2-3 carrots, thinly sliced
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
2-3 scallions, thinly sliced
handful fresh cilantro, chopped
salt & pepper to taste
Method for Chicken and Shitaake Mushroom Soup Recipe
For the chicken and stock

Place the whole chicken in a stock pot, add the fresh ginger and lemon grass and add enough cold water to barely cover the chicken. Turn the heat to medium high and bring the water to a low simmer, reduce heat if necessary (you don’t want the water to boil rapidly). Season with salt and pepper and cook the chicken for at least 1 hour, until is is cooked throughout (check the thigh where it connects to the body – it should be cooked there).
Turn off the heat and allow everything to cool until you can handle. Remove the chicken from the stock, remove meat from bones and tear into bite size pieces (or let it cool overnight in the fridge and it will be even easier to handle).
“Ingredients chicken and shitaake mushroom soup recipe”
Taste the stock. If it seems “weak”, let it reduce for awhile – it will just get better. It it’s good, proceed.
Strain the stock into a clean container. If you’re doing it ahead of time, you can let it chill in the refrigerator. The fat will accumulate on the top and you can easily remove it with a slotted spoon=no greasy stock!
Now you’re stock and chicken are ready. The rest is a snap.
For the Soup

Prepare your vegetables and chop the cilantro.
“chicken and shitaake mushroom soup recipe”
Bring a soup pot to medium-high heat, add 1-2 tablespoons oil (I like sesame with this, but you can use olive oil) and the bok choy and mushroom. Cook until they start to soften and add garlic – stir to combine and release flavors.
“bok choy and mushrooms”
Add the yummy stock (as much/little as you think you will use. Any extra stock can be refrigerated for 3-4 days or frozen for later dishes – great for curries, etc.), the shredded chicken and the carrots.
“chicken and shitaake mushroom soup recipe”
Simmer for 15-20 minutes until carrots are just tender. Add the scallions and cilantro and heat through. Adjust salt and pepper and serve.
Serving Options:

Cook noodles separately and add to the soup when served.
Add miso paste to taste (don’t boil the miso, just add it to hot soup)
Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice or a touch of sambal oelek to your bowl.
Cooking Option: In lieu of making the stock, use canned stock, adding chopped fresh ginger to the soup, along with garlic and adding lemon grass paste (available in many produce departments) to taste. Use 2 pieces of boneless chicken breast (or other parts that you prefer), cooked in stock, then shredded.

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